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Here are just a few recent testimonials for Tiddlers Swim School received through our Facebook page. 

We have been with Joanne for Years. I couldn’t ask for a better friendly service/ coach, has a such a great way of working with the children and teaching them techniques. Certainly worth the money. My daughter absolutely loves her sessions, she’s now a strong confident swimmer & still attends regularly because she enjoys her lessons with Jo. 100% recommendation.

Bekibeefit Massue

via Facebook

My little girl loves going swimming with tiddlers swim school and Jo makes it fun. She always looks forward to going and has come on so much since starting. Would recommend this swim school to anyone, no matter what stage your little one is at, there will be a class here for them.

Heather Mitchell

via Facebook

Jo is an amazing teacher. She makes the lessons fun but really gets results. She treats children as individuals and intuitively knows how to relate to each one and get the best from them. Highly recommended.

Julie Webster

via Facebook

This is one of our swimmers who has autism.

When he first started, he would have meltdowns, and would become anxious about taking part in a group setting.

We then decided he needed some one on one tuition.

Slowly but surely, he progressed and was integrated back into a group lesson.

We are so proud of how much he has achieved and how much he enjoys coming swimming. This is the progress he has made….